Freeze-Dried Raw Venison Dog Food

All the benefits of raw feeding, without the fuss.

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6 Reasons Why Huntaway’s Freeze-Dried Raw Venison Dog Food Makes Feeding Simple:

  1. Nutrient Dense: We’ve taken out the nutritional guess work and there is no messy preparation to worry about. It’s simple enough that anyone can feed your dog - even your kids can do it.
  2. Convenience: We’ve made feeding raw easy! To feed, just scoop > hydrate > serve. No time spent on messy preparation work to ensure your dog is served a nutritious raw diet.
  3. Easy to Store: It’s shelf stable, so you can take it anywhere. Even better, it won’t take up space in your fridge or freezer.
  4. Versatile: Our Freeze-Dried Dog Food can be served as a full meal. It can be mixed with raw frozen or wet food for a nutritional boost. For folks who feed kibble, freeze-dried food makes a wonderful topper or training treat.
  5. Ingredient Quality: Venison is a novel protein, which means that it is less likely to cause allergies for your dog than conventional proteins like chicken, turkey, or beef. Venison is also a lean protein, which helps with weight management.
  6. Travel with Ease: You can take a bag of freeze-dried anywhere! No more packing coolers or worrying about raw food defrosting, when you are on the road.

Ready to give our freeze-dried dog food a try and supercharge your dog's health?

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Vension is a novel protein great for allergies

You can see the fruit and vegetables

Wholesome natural colour and smell

Use as a meal, mixer, topper or treat

No corn, wheat, soy, or artificial perservatives

Over 1,315,000+ servings devoured by American dogs.

"Having freeze dried food available is so convenient... it's lightweight, easy to pack and hydrates beautifully with an appetizing aroma. Having dog food with a longer shelf life without compromising nutritional values is such a great advantage."
- Jacintha @chance_the_mini_golden

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