Huntaway Wild Raw Venison Frozen Dog Food – 16 Piece Bag

Nutritious, convenient, and sustainable

Huntaway Wild-Raw Venison Frozen Dog Food – 3lbs. bag (16 portions)


Where it all began. Huntaway Wild Raw Venison Dog Food, made from 85% sustainable wild venison and 15% beneficial ingredients including swiss chard, beetroot, blueberries, and parsley, is a great choice for nutrition, convenience and sustainability.

Huntaway is nutrient-dense, naturally high in protein, and completely raw. With resealable freezer-friendly bags and perfectly-portioned cubes that are quick and easy to thaw, you get all the benefits of feeding raw without the fuss.

Why Venison?

Venison is a lean red meat that is full of the nutrients that are needed to support your dog's health. It is a novel protein that provides an excellent source of protein and amino acids, and it is frequently a great choice for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

All Huntaway venison is sustainably harvested in New Zealand from wild deer. Our raw venison dog food is crafted in small batches.

Approximate values per serving (1oz.)

Crude Protein (min)
Crude Fat (min)
Crude Fiber (max)
Moisture (max)


We've designed every single step of buying and feeding Huntaway to make raw feeding simple. It is so easy to use and store! Huntaway is delivered frozen, right to your door. Each bag is resealable and takes up very little space in the freezer, and the cube-shaped portions make for easy thawing and feeding. There's no fuss and no waste—just delicious, nutritious raw food for your dog. 


We've worked hard to perfect this recipe. Huntaway raw dog food contains 85% wild venison—a highly nutritious novel protein. You'll also find 15% additional ingredients including swiss chard, carrots, blueberries, and parsley. Huntaway raw dog food has no added hormones, no antibiotics, and no grain, wheat, soy, or corn, and provides your dog with an optimum balanced diet.


All Huntaway venison products are made from sustainably sourced wild deer that are thoughtfully harvested from New Zealand, where deer are an introduced pest that threaten the native fauna and flora. All Huntaway packaging is either compostable or recyclable, even the packing tape. Huntaway makes it easy to make the sustainable choice without sacrifice.

Huntaway's Happy Hounds

Dogs love Huntaway Wild Raw Venison Dog Food! Owners rave about the convenience, nutrition and of course, how excited their dogs are to eat it!

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The Huntaway Story

Cam Mathias knew there had to be a better dog food for his own beloved dog — one that truly helped with itchy skin and sensitive stomachs, and supported healthy hips and joints. He also knew wild introduced deer were a problematic pest in New Zealand and that, when thoughtfully harvested, they would provide an excellent, sustainable source of nutritious and delicious venison that could be just the novel protein that his dog Darcy — and so many more — would benefit from. He turned to his kitchen!

And after many tests, Cam landed on the perfect recipe. Huntaway Wild-Raw Venison Dog Food is now fed and loved by dog families all across the USA and the range is growing.

Watch out for new Huntaway treats and chews, coming to the USA soon!

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