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We get it, even dogs can be fussy!


But we think your dog will love Huntaway, so we're offering you a chance to let them try it for a limited-time price

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Why is Huntaway wild raw dog food the best?

Wild Raw New Zealand

Made with 85% wild New Zealand venison, sustainably sourced under an agreement with the New Zealand Department of Conservation to protect the natural environment. 


Delicious and nutritious

An excellent source of novel protein and amino acids, packed with antioxidants and naturally enriching whole foods, this raw dog food supports a happy and healthy dog.


Super convenient for you

Delivered (free) to your door with our Auto-Delivery subscription. Huntaway raw dog food is frozen in convenient, freezer-efficient portions for easy storage, thawing and feeding. 




Wild Raw Venison Dog Food

Normally $35 - try a bag today for only $10*


Our Sample box contains one bag of 20 portions of Huntaway Wild-Raw dog food so you can try before you buy a full box or sign up for auto-delivery. 


Our signature raw dog food recipe is made with 85% sustainable wild venison and 15% natural ingredients including swiss chard, carrots, blueberries and parsley for fresh breath.


Flash-frozen in convenient, freezer-efficient portions, the Huntaway Sample Bag is delivered right to your doorstep for easy storage, thawing and feeding.


No grains, wheat soy or corn. No genetically modified organisms. No added hormones or antibiotics.

Try a bag now for only $10*

* One $10 sample bag per customer. Huntaway currently only delivers to USA States within North America. We don’t currently ship to the following states Maine, Florida, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Alaska, Texas, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota.




So what's next after your dog loves it?!


You can continue to buy the product in various box sizes to suit your dog's needs. 
Better yet – subscribe to our auto-delivery and save! 

How does it work?

Huntaway signature raw dog food is conveniently portioned into 3oz frozen cubes, enabling you to simply defrost as much food as you need for each of your dog's new favourite meals.


Each freezer-friendly bag of Huntaway signature raw dog food contains 20 of these 3oz portions. These bags have been designed to fit your freezer and your life, with a low-profile form and recyclable packaging.


Ordering is easy: simply choose your box size and how often you want to receive it, and we'll start sending you Huntaway food on your schedule! Not sure which box size is right for you? Check out our comparison chart to decide which box is better.

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