Welcome to Huntaway

Huntaway was created to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of feeding raw, without the fuss.

We started with our Wild Venison Raw Dog Food, and Huntaway's range has since expanded to include treats and functional chews that are a delicious and beneficial delight for your dogs.

Our mission is for Huntaway to be the most nutritious, convenient and sustainable food for dogs. Your adventure starts here!

About Us
  • Convenient

    Our healthy raw dog food is flash-frozen in 3 oz cubed portions, which stack efficiently and are easy to separate and thaw. Our resealable bags are low profile to take up less freezer space. We also offer an auto-delivery service.

  • Nutritious

    Our hypoallergenic raw dog food is made from wild New Zealand Venison. With no wheat, soy or corn, this high quality, nutrient dense, grain-free dog food is perfect for dogs with allergies and food sensitivities.

  • Sustainable

    Our dog food is made from sustainably sourced wild deer that are thoughtfully harvested from New Zealand, where deer are an introduced pest that damage native flora. All our packaging is recyclable and/or compostable.

Our customers love Huntaway

Hundreds of customers have already joined the Huntaway family. Their dogs enjoy our raw dog food, treats and chews every day.

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