Each freezer-friendly bag of Huntaway signature raw dog food contains 20 of these 3oz portions. These bags have been designed to fit your freezer and your life, with a low-profile form and recyclable packaging. Simply select the right amount to suit your space and your dog.

  • Small box

    Number of bags in a box: 3
    Number of portions: 60
    Net weight of the food: 11.25lbs
    Box price: $99
    Price per pound: $8.80

  • Medium

    Number of bags in a box: 6
    Number of portions: 120
    Net weight of the food: 22.5lbs
    Box price: $169
    Price per pound: $7.51

  • Large

    Number of bags in a box: 9
    Number of portions: 180
    Net weight of the food: 33.75
    Box price: $219
    Price per pound: $6.49

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