Huntaway started with venison. It remains our signature product and a key component across our range of raw dog food, treats, chews and functional products. We chose venison for good reason.

Novel protein

Venison is a novel protein — by which we mean it isn't a common protein source used in commercial pet food — and this novelty gives it hypoallergenic characteristics and means it is less likely that dogs will have adverse reactions to it. Generally speaking, pet foods containing venison are a good choice for dogs that may have food sensitivities or allergies. We have found this to be the case with Huntaway raw venison dog food — our reviews speak for themselves! And we are delighted to have helped so many dogs across the USA with their skin and coat, digestion, and hip and joint issues. Try it for yourself — if your dog hasn’t eaten venison before, chances are that using venison as a protein source won’t trigger any allergic reactions.

Highly nutritious

Venison is also a great source of B vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, and iron. B complex vitamins are essential to maintaining healthy blood cells and metabolism, and iron and phosphorus help maintain healthy blood and bones in dogs.

A leaner alternative

Compared to other typical proteins, e.g. beef and lamb, venison is also a leaner alternative. Venison is a great choice when it comes to building lean muscle in active dogs, and it also provides high quality protein in dogs who are prone to weight gain — it's an ideal solution if you need or want to give your dog a healthier option.

And of course…it’s delicious!

Huntaway helps dogs maintain healthy energy levels and it's a popular choice among dogs when it comes to taste — most dogs love the taste of Huntaway raw venison dog food. Try Huntaway for your dog and see if Huntaway is the right choice for your dog's health, activity and sensitivities.

Still not sure? Get in touch anytime — our team has expertise in raw feeding and canine nutrition. We are always happy to help.

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