Refund Policy

Returns, Replacements and Refunds

If you believe the Huntaway Inc you receive is defective or you are not 100% Satisfied with Huntaway Inc for any reason, get in touch with us within seven (7) days of your receipt of the product and we will promptly provide your choice of a full replacement or full refund. Due to the perishable nature of our product, Huntaway Inc does not accept returns. Please do not ship Huntaway Inc back to the return address on the shipping label.

Huntaway Inc has no obligation to provide refunds or replacements, but may grant them in certain circumstances, as a result of specific refund guarantee promotions, or to correct any errors made by Huntaway Inc, in each case in Huntaway Inc’s sole, absolute and unfettered discretion.

Please note we are unable to issue any refunds for our sample bag under all circumstances. If your parcel is damaged please contact us and we may be able to resend a new sample.

We cannot refund any purchases if your dog does not like the food. In this case, please get in touch with your local dog shelter to donate the food.