Huntaway and Sustainability

Our mission is for Huntaway to be the most nutritious, convenient and sustainable food for dogs

Deer are not native to New Zealand; they were introduced around 1850 and with no natural predators, they flourished in their new environment. Since that time, the population of wild deer in New Zealand has grown and caused havoc on the natural flora. Wild deer in New Zealand graze on native plants and undergrowth in forests and endanger the entire ecosystem. Huntaway raw dog food and treats help support the New Zealand environment by using sustainably harvested wild deer, and are ethical in that no part of the animal goes to waste. The advantages are two-fold: not only does the environment benefit, but we also get to enjoy happier, healthier pets who thrive on Huntaway’s nutritious, delicious food. When you buy Huntaway dog food, you are contributing to the health of New Zealand’s environment and making the sustainable choice, and we thank you for that.

Unnecessary or excessive food packaging is a substantial contributor to landfill. While we can’t avoid packaging altogether — your dog food has to be contained in some way when it arrives at your door! — at Huntaway we have put a lot of work into ensuring that all our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. That goes right through to the packing tape we use on our cartons. We also avoid unsustainable components like styrofoam when we ship our products, ensuring that we use dry ice instead to keep your delivery cold, which harmlessly dissipates over time without contributing to the greenhouse effect.

We ship by sea from New Zealand to the USA, which is slower but has proportionately lower carbon emissions. Once our products are in the USA, we try to minimise the amount of miles each box of Huntaway has to travel by ensuring we make smart use of data to keep the right amount of product close to where our customers are. It’s a little more work for us but it’s better for sustainability — and that’s what we’re all about at Huntaway!