Two medium sized dogs panting, standing in the long grass on a hill in the sun

About us

Making raw feeding easy, convenient and sustainable.

About Huntaway

Founded in 2020 by Cam Mathias, Huntaway was born out of a desire to make raw feeding an easy, convenient and sustainable choice.

Our Story

Huntaway loves venison!

As a hypoallergenic novel protein, venison is a great choice for dogs, even those with food sensitivities or allergies. It's highly nutritious and we find that most dogs agree it is absolutely delicious.

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A close up of a medium size dog with it's mouth open in the grass

Why feed raw?

Raw food diets offer a host of advantages for dogs, including better bone and joint health, improved immunological response, skin and coat benefits, and less waste.

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A flatlay of 3 Venison Paddywacks treats and the accompanying bag, lying on the grass

The importance of sustainability

At Huntaway, sustainability is very important to us, and we see no reason why feeding raw can't be nutritious, convenient and sustainable. We make responsible choices every step of the journey.

Our initiatives

The Journey Towards Natural and Sustainable Dog Nutrition

Delve into the intricacies of canine diets and discover the back story of Huntaway and sustainable dog nutrition as Nelly Bonilla (The Combine Dog) interviews our very own Cam Mathias.

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