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h u n t a w a y
  t h e   a d v e n t u r e   s t a r t s   h e r e

Products from wild New Zealand

We make healthy and nutritious meals and treats for dogs.

Sustainably harvested wild New Zealand venison is a hypoallergenic novel protein that is a great alternative for your dog.

Huntaway's signature raw dog food recipe is crafted in small batches and our packaging is either compostable or recyclable.

Our nutritious recipes are grain free, palm oil free and crafted without GMOs, added hormones or antibiotics. 

How much Huntaway raw should I feed?

Introduce us to your dog. Tell us about their age, weight, activity level and any health issues. We'll recommend the next steps for their raw feeding journey.

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How are Huntaway products sustainable?

Wild deer are an invasive species in New Zealand. Wild deer numbers in New Zealand's South Island are increasing, damaging local crops and depleting young growth in native forests. 

Through thoughtful harvesting of these wild deer, there are no conventional farming impacts on the environment with regards to land-use, carbon and waterway pollution.

Our ingredients solve a problem of an invasive species, whilst also providing a nutrient dense source of protein for your dog.

What makes Huntaway products more convenient?

Our product is flash-frozen in cube portions, which stack very efficiently for transit and in your freezer. They take up less freezer space, are easy to separate and to thaw for your dog. 

Why should I try Huntaway for my dog?

Huntaway is made from wild venison, a hypoallergenic novel protein that is great for weight control as well as for dogs with food intolerances or allergies.

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