Is Your Dog Prepared in Case of an Emergency?

Is Your Dog Prepared in Case of an Emergency?

Storm / Earthquake / Fire / Power Outage / Other Emergency…

As a raw feeder, do you have a supply of shelf stable dog food as part of your Disaster Preparedness Kit, in case of an emergency?

Huntaway Freeze-Dried Raw Venison is the perfect dog food to include in your emergency supplies.

Even if it’s just a power outage, that thaws your frozen food supply, having a shelf stable raw dog food on hand allows you to keep feeding nutritious, raw food while things return to normal.

3 Emergency Kit Tips:

1. Ensure to set a calendar alert for one month prior to the ‘best before date’. This limits waste, allowing you to place a replacement order and feed that food to your dog.

2. Add an extra water supply to rehydrate the Freeze-Dried food and provide hydration for your pup.

3. Include Goat Ear Chews to your kit, as chewing is proven to reduce anxiety in dogs, which might be needed if you are in a emergency situation.

Brian's Emergency Message

Huntaway customer, Brian (FL), recently contacted us with his emergency problem:

"First, I think the frozen venison you sell is a terrific product, and my dog, who has numerous allergies, has done well on.

Unfortunately, we had 3 tornadoes come through Tallahassee a week or so ago, and my freezers were without power for several days. Apparently the interruption of power has damaged the freezers.

Does your company offer a dried version of the venison?"

Yes we do, Brian! We switched Brian's subscription to Freeze-Dried until he can get his freezer fixed, and I’m sure he’ll be keeping some supplies on hand in case he’s faced with another emergency situation in the future.

Ready to stock up to ensure your pup has food no matter what the weather is? Scroll down to purchase or email us at hello@huntaway with any questions.

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