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IngredientsNew Raw Venison Dog Food Recipe - What You Need To Know

New Raw Venison Dog Food Recipe - What You Need To Know

We’re excited to release our new and improved Raw Venison Dog Food recipe for both our Frozen and Freeze-Dried products. We’re using the same New Zealand sourced Venison and quality ingredie...

Freeze Dried RawHow is Dog Food ‘Freeze-Dried’?

How is Dog Food ‘Freeze-Dried’?

Is it processed, like kibble? Nope! Does it reduce the nutritional value of the dog food? Not at all! Well, then ‘what is it’? Allow us to explain… With the release of our latest product, Freeze D...

Food SafetyDon’t Let Ingredient Labels Trick You!

Don’t Let Ingredient Labels Trick You!

You are at the store looking at food for your dog. You grab a bag, take a look at the ingredients. The first ingredients state chicken or beef and you think “that looks like high-quality dog food”,...

IngredientsSupercharge Your Dog’s Health with Organ Meats

Supercharge Your Dog’s Health with Organ Meats

Organs or offals get a bad rap for being gross and messy. But including them in your dog’s diet will deliver diverse benefits. In the wild, wolves would naturally consume the entire animal, includ...

IngredientsDog with Huntaway in a bush.

Why Your Dog Deserves Real Meat, Not Low-Quality Fillers

Do you know how to spot a low quality dog food ingredient, and understand the impact they can have on your dog’s health? As a dog owner, you want nothing but the best for your pup – including the ...

Food SafetyNew Zealand Red Deer.

Is it Safe and Legal to Feed my Dog New Zealand Wild Venison?

As pet owners, we all want to ensure that our furry friends have a healthy and balanced diet. Many of us like to include raw or minimally processed meat in their diets. However, it is essential to ...