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Raw Feeding for Your German Shepherd: Optimal Health and Wellness

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German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and for good reason. They are described as strong and noble dogs, and are known for their confidence, loyalty, intelligence and courage. From choosing the right type of food to understanding how much to feed and when, a proper diet is essential to keeping your German Shepherd healthy, active, and thriving.

Being such active dogs, proper nutrition is important for German Shepherds. Supporting their joints is of specific importance, as these dogs can suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia.

German Shepherd with a bag of Huntaway wild raw venison dog food.

A great way to make sure your GSD’s joints and metabolism are properly supported is through a raw diet like Huntaway. We carefully curated our calcium to phosphorus ratio for strong bones, and included ingredients such as blueberries, venison offal, and ground venison bone to make sure our recipe is suitable for active dogs. Calcium and phosphorus are both critical for bone health, but the ratio of each is equally as important. Too much of one can disrupt absorption of the other, so an optimal ratio is key.

Additionally, venison is a novel protein, which is great for dogs who suffer from allergies. A novel protein is essentially a protein variety that has not dominated our food system for a long time (like beef, pork, chicken and turkey). Given that is is "novel" to your dog, their immune systems are less likely to react with allergy symptoms.

Why Huntaway is a Wonderful Choice for German Shepherds

Whole Ingredients

Our recipe is a biologically appropriate combination of venison meat, offal, bone, and healthy fruits and vegetables including seaweed for iodine, parley for fresh breath, and Vitamin E to support skin and coat health. You can read more about our ingredients.

Huntaway raw dog food contains no grain, soy, wheat, corn, GMO’s, hormones or antibiotics, making it easy to digest.

Simple to Portion

Huntaway comes in 3 ounce cubes, which makes portioning simple. When you receive your order, store the bags in your freezer and thaw over 12 hours in the fridge. We also have subscriptions, which allow you to receive orders every 1-8 weeks. This way you’ll never run out.

Earth Conscious

The venison in our recipe comes from an invasive species in New Zealand. They disrupt the local environment and farm land, and currently do not have any natural predators, resulting in the population growing rapidly. By mindfully harvesting this species, and making sure no part of the animal goes to waste, there is a reduced amount of stress on the surrounding ecosystem. You can read more about our sustainable practices.  

German Shepherd with a stick.

Switching to Huntaway for your German Shepherd

Huntaway can be added as a topper or whole meal for your dog. To transition, we recommend slowly introducing it over the course of four weeks. For the amount to feed your dog, we recommend calculating 2-3% of your dogs body weight, which is how much they should eat per day, in ounces. Please note that this is a starting point and might need to be adjusted for activity level.

Before serving, thaw your portions in the fridge for 12 hours. In terms of safety, handle with care, keep Huntaway separate from your other food, and make sure to wash any surfaces and dog bowls with soap and warm water after your dog is finished. Any food your pup hasn’t finished within 30 minutes should be discarded.

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