Raw Venison Calculator

Tell us your dog's age, weight and activity level and we will recommend the correct amount of Huntaway raw wild venison you should feed them.
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Dog activity cheatsheet

Lazy Bones → low activity

She only moves when I come home and gets <30mins of exercise per day
Minimum maintenance feeding level

Hound of Habit → moderate activity

He likes to play but low impact activity ~30mins exercise → max 1 hour exercise

Your typical family dog probably sits here

Bundle of Energy → quite active to high activity

She takes long walks and/or high impact activity of over 1hour each day

More active breeds with lots of energy may sit and/or maybe puppies/lactating dogs (breed dependent)

Furry Hurricane → high activity

He is a so much! Between 3-6 hours daily activity.

Dogs which are hyperactive or working and/or maybe puppies/lactating dogs (breed dependent)