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Huntaway was created to provide a truly nutritious, convenient and sustainable dog food that would let everyone enjoy the benefits of feeding raw, without the fuss.

Huntaway's range has since expanded to include considered treats and functional chews that are a delicious and beneficial delight for your dogs.

All our nutritious recipes are grain free, palm oil free and crafted without GMOs, added hormones or antibiotics. 

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A small dog sniffing a cardboard box containing two bags of Huntaway wild raw venison dog food

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Medium sized dog eating a cube of wild raw venison dog food on top of a carton of Huntaway frozen dog food next to a bag of wild venison jerky treats and a bag of the wild raw venison dog food

How to Feed Huntaway

Huntaway raw dog food is conveniently portioned into 3oz frozen cubes. Simply defrost overnight in the fridge as much healthy venison dog food as you need for each of your dog's favourite meals. Enjoy all the benefits of giving your dog a raw food diet, without the fuss!

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