Catahoula Leopard

A Nutritional Guide for Catahoula Leopard Dogs

A Nutritional Guide for Catahoula Leopard Dogs

Catahoula Leopard dogs are smart, and deeply loyal. Known for their striking eyes and coat, these dogs are high-energy, herding dogs that require wholesome nutrition to fuel them. By providing a diet that is protein-rich, high in calories, and includes whole vegetables or fruits, their whole body can be supported from their joints to their vision.

Catahoula Running in the Snow.

Catahoula dogs can suffer from a myriad of health issues, ranging from digestive upset, eye problems, allergies, and hip dysplasia. Being as active as they are, properly supporting their joints is important. Ingredients like venison bone can provide critical ingredients such as calcium and phosphorus, which aid in proper bone development, while ingredients like carrots provide vitamin A and vision support.

Bone development and growth are two areas to focus on when it comes to feeding a Catahoula puppy. Finding a dog food that provides proper nutrients and protein that are digestible will help your pup’s joints and bones as they develop from a puppy into an adult.

Catahoula in the Snow.

Huntaway’s Wild Venison Raw Dog Food provides novel protein in the form of venison meat and offal (organs), which contain numerous vitamins and minerals, naturally. We have worked hard to optimize our calcium-to-phosphorus ratio because providing too much of one can inhibit the absorption of the other. Finding balance is key to a pup having strong bones throughout its adult life.

While balanced dog nutrition is key for this breed, water intake is also extremely important. Many Catahoulas are working dogs, so finding a feeding schedule and water schedule that keeps them fed and hydrated throughout the day is key to optimizing their well-being. For feeding Catahoula puppies, this might look like 3-4 meals per day when they are younger, and transitioning to 2 meals when they reach adulthood.

Regardless of whether you wish to feed your Catahoula Leopard dog a 100% raw diet, or add it as a topper to their meals, the addition of fresh food to their bowl can help them live a longer and more vibrant life.

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