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French Bulldogs and Raw Dog Food: The Perfect Match

French Bulldogs and Raw Dog Food: The Perfect Match

As one of the world’s most popular dog breeds, the French Bulldog has stolen hearts everywhere. They are charming, vocal, and wonderful companions. As a beloved family member, taking care of their nutritional health is important to ensure they live a long and vibrant life.

This breed can suffer from health issues like digestive upset, itchy skin, and allergies. However, incorporating fresh food can help with all of these issues. Let’s dive into how a raw diet specifically can help your Frenchie thrive.

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Digestion: a raw diet is one of the most digestible options for your pup. Raw meat is more digestible than dry foods and contains natural enzymes that help break down food. In the wild, our dog’s ancestors, the wolf, would consume the entire animal. Feeding your dog a biologically appropriate diet that contains raw meat, organs, and bones is like a lock and key for optimal digestion.

Allergies: French Bull Dogs are known to suffer from allergies, so making sure they eat a food with limited, natural ingredients can be a great place to start in alleviating these issues. Additionally, most conventional meats that pets are used to, like chicken, turkey, or beef, can cause allergies to flare up. By incorporating a novel protein, like venison, the risk of allergy symptoms is much less, since their immune system may not identify an uncommon meat source as a threat.

Itchy Skin: most commonly a byproduct of allergies, itchy skin can really impact a dog’s quality of life. By incorporating a food that contains ingredients like vitamin E oil or rapeseed oil, you can support healthy skin and a shiny coat, which can reduce itchiness.

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Respiratory Difficulties: Being brachycephalic dogs, Frenchies can suffer from respiratory difficulty, and chewing difficulty due to shortened jaws. This is another reason that incorporating a raw diet can be so beneficial to them. While many dry foods are difficult to chew and swallow, raw dog food is easily consumed, and doesn’t stick to the teeth, which reduces the risk for plaque and tartar.

As with any diet for your pup, make sure they have access to clean, fresh water at all times! Dogs who overheat especially need to stay hydrated, so properly regulate their body temperature.

Whether you decide to switch your French Bulldog to raw entirely, or add it on top of their meal, any addition of fresh food to their diets will support a long and happy life for them.

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