A Nutritional Guide for Labrador Retrievers

A Nutritional Guide for Labrador Retrievers

Labradors have long been loved as family dogs, working dogs, and wonderful companions, known for their outgoing, friendly, and sweet demeanors. As your beloved family member, they also need proper nutrition to thrive. Unfortunately, this breed can suffer from health conditions like joint problems, eyesight issues, and weight fluctuations. A raw diet can assist in supporting your pup, by extending the life and energy of your Lab. Here’s how:

Chocolate Labrador.

Joint Issues

As many working breeds are, Labs are predisposed to developing elbow and hip dysplasia. This uncomfortable condition can wear on their joints, and make it hard to run, walk and play. One way to help support their joints is by feeding a raw diet. Raw diets have optimized ratios of calcium to phosphorus, which is key for strong bones. Additionally, raw diets that include organ meats like trachea provide glucosamine, collagen, and chondroitin, which help cushion joints.

Eyesight Degeneration

Another common health concern for Labs is their eyesight. Prone to retinal degeneration, protecting their eye health is very important. Incorporating foods that are high in vitamin A can support healthy eyes. Think ingredients like carrots, leafy greens, and liver. Additionally, green leafy veggies are high in lutein and zeaxanthin, which are important antioxidants that protect the eyes.

Weight Management

Weight management is another important aspect of a Labs health to consider. They can be prone to gaining weight, which can put undue stress on their joints and make mobility difficult. Feeding them lean proteins, like venison, can be a great way to ensure they maintain a healthy weight throughout their lifetime. However, if your Lab is prone to allergies, make sure you find a food that contains limited ingredients, and novel proteins. Given that novel proteins may not be recognized by your dog's system like chicken, turkey, or beef might, novel proteins reduce the risk of allergy symptoms.

Labrador Eating Huntaway Raw Food.

Huntaway’s Frozen Venison Dog Food and Freeze-Dried Venison Dog Food is created from lean venison, organ, bone and wholesome fruits and vegetables that promote health in your dog. We offer both raw and freeze dried food to make it as convenient as possible to add raw food into your Lab’s bowl.

If you want to add raw to your dog’s bowl as a topper, or switch them to raw entirely, any fresh food you can give your pup will bring them vitality, energy, and optimal wellbeing.

Ready to give Huntaway a try for your Labrador? Scroll down to buy, or email us at hello@huntaway.pet with any questions.

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