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Why Border Collies Thrive on a Raw Diet

Why Border Collies Thrive on a Raw Diet

Border Collies are hardworking farm dogs. Agile, smart and friendly, they are known for their herding instincts and intelligence.

With common ailments relating to joints, cartilage, bloat, eyes and allergies, this active breed requires the optimal nutrition of a raw diet to ensure longevity and health. Here’s why:


As seen in many working dogs, Border Collies can suffer from hip dysplasia and joint issues. Supporting their joint health from an early age can be critical for maintaining their energy levels and ability to move later in life. This is where dog food with proper calcium-to-phosphorus ratios can help, because these two nutrients, are necessary for healthy bone development.

Moss the Border Collie.


They can also be prone to allergies, eye degeneration, and osteochondritis dissecans, which is where joint cartilage doesn’t form properly and can lead to pain later in life. A raw diet can assist in supporting these conditions, especially raw food that contains a novel protein. Novel proteins are meats that are not common, such as venison, boar, or rabbit. Given that your dog's immune system may not recognize them, there is a lower likelihood of allergy symptoms.

Ingredients such as liver that contain vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin can help support eye health through high levels of antioxidants, proper retinal function, and support the immune system against infection.

Kira the Border Collie.


For cartilage support, providing foods that are rich in collagen and glucosamine are suggested. Glucosamine is naturally found in synovial fluid, which cushions the joints and provides lubrication for healthy movement.

Ingredients like trachea are rich in this nutrient and can help support joint health throughout your dog's life. Shellfish, like Green Lipped Mussels, are also high in this compound and make a great reward for your dog. They can also be a great option as high-value treats for teaching your Border Collie new tricks! Being so nutritious, they will also help prevent weight gain, which can subsequently lead to joint issues later in life.


Lastly, for dogs like Border Collies that can suffer from bloat, finding a dog food that is easy to swallow and that contains optimal moisture is a great way to reduce risk.

Huntaway’s Wild Venison Raw Dog Food has a moisture content of close to 70%, which will help your dog’s digestion, and keep them hydrated. If you’re someone with a working dog, you know how important staying hydrated is!

Regardless of if you want to swap your Border Collie to a 100% raw diet, or use it as a topper, any fresh food you can add to their bowl will help support their longevity and overall health.

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