Optimal Nutrition for Poodles: Living a Long and Vibrant Life

Optimal Nutrition for Poodles: Living a Long and Vibrant Life

Standard Poodles are an active breed with big personalities. They have a very unique and recognizable look with their very fluffy curls. Being such active dogs, they require optimal nutrition to thrive. Poodles are also predisposed to certain health conditions such as:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Retinal Atrophy
  • Skin Issues and Allergies
  • Ear Infections

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is an uncomfortable rubbing of a joint with the socket due to improper growth, or age. To ensure that your Poodle has many years of jumping, running and playing, make sure to incorporate collagen rich ingredients into their diet, including chews and supplements if needed. Specifically, chondroitin and glucosamine are two compounds that support the cushioning of the joint, which can provide support.

Retinal Atrophy

The eyes can be prone to degradation over time, which can cause issues with sight and coordination. Three nutrients that support optimal eye health are vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin. These compounds are found in certain foods like leafy greens, pumpkin, and broccoli, which can be found in Huntaway’s frozen and freeze-dried recipes.

Skin Issues

Many Poodles can suffer from itchy skin, hot spots and other skin discomfort. This can be in part due to allergies. To reduce allergy symptoms, consider introducing a novel protein into their diet, like venison. Since their immune system may not recognize it as a thread like other common meats, it may help with allergies. Additionally, finding a food with natural and minimal ingredients, that doesn’t contain fillers, is a great way to reduce inflammation for your pup. You can read more about to spot fillers in our blog post.

Ear Infections

Infections in the ear can be common for breeds that have floppy ears. This can be a breeding ground for yeast, which can cause itching and redness. Making sure your pup has an easy to digest diet that is low in carbohydrates can help keep yeast at healthy levels, and prevent overgrowth. In addition, cleaning your pup’s ears consistently can provide relief.

Huntaway’s Frozen and Freeze-Dried recipes are full of wholesome ingredients with excellent sourcing. Our Venison Paddywacks contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which are very supportive of the joints. Our Green Lipped Mussel Chews also contain ingredients that help with joint health.

Our venison in both frozen and freeze-dried recipes is a hypoallergenic protein. These recipes are low in carbohydrates, full of easy to digest protein along with healthy fruits and vegetables. Regardless of if you want to switch your Poodle over to raw entirely, or add it as a topper, any amount of fresh food you can give them will help them live a longer and more vibrant life.

Ready to give Huntaway a try for your Poodle? Scroll down to purchase, or email us at hello@huntaway.pet with any questions. The adventure starts here!

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