The Huntaway Story

Our mission is for Huntaway to be the most nutritious, convenient and sustainable food for dogs

Cam Mathias knew there had to be a better dog food for his own beloved dog — one that truly helped with itchy skin and sensitive stomachs, and supported healthy hips and joints. In early 2020, he started to develop and test samples at home in his kitchen, working with others to compare notes, research what else was in the market, and study AAFCO, BARF, PMR and other industry feeding standards.

After many tests, Cam landed on the ideal recipe and Huntaway was born. Based on 85% sustainable wild venison and with supplementary ingredients to provide other needed vitamins and minerals, Huntaway Signature Wild-Raw Venison Dog Food is a nutritious raw frozen food for your dog.

Now fed and loved by dog families all across the USA, Huntaway provides an excellent, sustainable source of nutritious and delicious venison — a novel protein that many dog owners find beneficial for their dog's health. With treats, chews, and functional products now part of Huntaway's range, we continue to grow to bring you even more choice when it comes to feeding your dog the most nutritious, convenient and sustainable way.