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How is Dog Food ‘Freeze-Dried’?

How is Dog Food ‘Freeze-Dried’?
Is it processed, like kibble? Nope!
Does it reduce the nutritional value of the dog food? Not at all!
Well, then ‘what is it’? Allow us to explain…
Chance Looking at Bowl of Freeze Dried Raw.

With the release of our latest product, Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food, we’ve received many questions about how the process of freeze drying works. Does it affect the nutritional quality of the food? What temperature does this process occur at? How is this different from air dried food or kibble? We wanted to give you an overview on how Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food is made to alleviate your concerns.

First, the raw dog food is formulated. We mix together venison, organ meats (offal), and wholesome fruits and vegetables to get our signature Huntaway recipe. This mixture is formed into small pellets that you see when you open your bag of freeze dried food.

Second, these morsels are nearly frozen by decreasing the temperature. This is where the magic happens: before the food is frozen, the food is exposed to low pressure and a slight increase in temperature, which turns all the moisture inside into vapor, thereby removing over 95% of the total moisture in the food.

Great Dane Eating Freeze Dried Raw from Bowl.

Given that this process only requires low temperatures and low pressure, it perfectly preserves the nutrients, vitamins and minerals within the food. You don’t have to worry about anything being damaged in the freeze drying process. Additionally, although there are more steps in the freeze-drying process than in creating frozen raw dog food, that does not mean this product is “processed” in the same way other dog foods are, like kibble. Freeze drying simply removes the moisture, and locks in nutritional quality.

This makes feeding raw accessible on the road, while you’re traveling, or as a great backup if you forget to thaw your dog’s food. With frozen dog food, you need time for prep, space in your fridge, and the necessary tools for cleanup. With freeze-dried, you can enjoy all of the nutritional benefits of feeding raw, and save on fridge space, without the mess.

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