Rapeseed Plant.

The New Zealand Difference: Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil from New Zealand is not the same as American Canola oil.

NZ Rapeseed Oil is Non-GMO: In New Zealand NO fresh produce (fruit, vegetables and meat) is genetically modified and NO genetically modified crops (eg, rapeseed, sweet corn) are grown commercially. So, the Rapeseed oil that is used in our raw recipe is, by New Zealand law, GMO-free. Additionally, we know that our rapeseed oil is also produced in a GM (genetically modified) FREE production process.

Rapeseed Oil.

So, let's take a closer look at the benefits of rapeseed oil found in your dog food:
Rapeseed Oil contains a low level of saturated fat, making it one of the lowest of oils derived from plants. It also contains a moderate amount of polyunsaturated fat which includes essential fatty acids, such as the Omega 3 – Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). This can assist dogs' joints recover from inflammation-related damage and minimize further joint problems. Omega-3 can also make your pet's skin and coat can look more vibrant and feel less dry and scratchy.

Rapeseed Oil is also an excellent source of vitamin E — an essential fat soluble vitamin and antioxidant that helps protect the body’s cells from cell and tissue damage while helping support eye and skin health.
New Zealand has some of the world’s most stringent quality regulations when it comes to food and food production, so rest easy knowing that the rapeseed oil in our recipe meets those standards too.

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